Adrian Oldenburger

Prix de Lausanne

41st International Ballet Competition

Selected Candidate

Adrian is incredibly dedicated to dance, and he has worked hard for many years to become the best dancer that he can be.By shoveling snow and mowing lawns, he was able to pay for most of his own expenses when he studied in Houston this past summer.However, travelling to Switzerland to attend Prix de Lausanne is a bit too expensive to pay for by mowing lawns.Adrian really appreciates any support you can provide to help him achieve his dreams.

Please help in one of the following ways:


In Person


Donations of cash or check can be given to Adrianís parents in person, or placed in the payment box at Capital City Dance Center at 2962 99th Street, Urbandale, Iowa.

Paypal money transfer



Donations can be made through Paypal using your bank account or Paypal account.Paypal money transfers are free for both you and Adrian.

Paypal donation button


Donations can be made through Paypal using your credit or debit card.Paypal donations using credit or debit cards are free for you, but Paypal will keep 2.9% of the donation, plus 30 cents, for fees.


Merchandise or gift certificates


Adrian will need dance clothing and shoes for his trip.If you are able to help provide these, please contact his mother, LeAnn, for the details.





We will keep careful records of all donations that are not anonymous.In the event that Adrian is unable to raise sufficient funds to make the trip, we will make refunds to the extent possible.Donations made through Paypal using a credit or debit card will be refunded minus the Paypal fees.Some expenses must be paid in advance, so a portion of the donations may not be refundable because of this reason, and refunds may be pro-rated.